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RIO UPHILL is the first fully original Brazilian musical ever made. 

The story focuses on Brazil’s racial and class barriers, the corruption and rampant crime in their favelas and the need for change, while still highlighting Brazilian culture and musical styles.

A chance encounter on New Year’s Eve brings together Daniel, a young man from the wealthy neighborhood of Leblon and Miguel, born and raised in the favela of Morro do Lado. Daniel bails Miguel out of jail in exchange for the chance to experience a different life in Miguel’s neighborhood. During his stay, Daniel grows closer to the community and falls in love with Miguel’s sister, Julia. He also witnesses the ongoing corruption between Sergio, a former police officer, and Bolade, the community’s local kingpin and drug lord. Problems escalate when Daniel films a video on his phone of Sergio ruthlessly beating Miguel, which goes viral on the Internet. Fearful of the repercussions, Miguel is determined to protect the community and bring about change, but at a heavy cost. 

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